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Welcome to Bitcoin

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Introduction to Bitcoin

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We’re excited you found your way here. 

Bitcoin can feel intimidating. We created this free 2-hour course to welcome you to Bitcoin in a simple and friendly way.

In it, you'll learn how Bitcoin could benefit you:

  • ​Inflation Protection: Protect your savings from inflation and manipulation.
  • Investment Opportunity: Potential for substantial returns driven by its scarcity and growing adoption.
  • Prosperous Future: Decentralized money that serves as a store of value for your hard-earned wealth.

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Everything You'll Learn

Welcome to Bitcoin

Unit 01: Introduction

Your Bitcoin journey begins here. We explain what Bitcoin is and why it's so important.


Unit 02: The Investment Thesis

Is Bitcoin a bubble? Am I too late? Learn why we're still in the early chapters of the Bitcoin story.

Unit 03: Fact vs. Fiction

We debunk common myths about Bitcoin. Does it use too much energy? Is it a scam? Will the government stop it? Can Bitcoin be hacked?

Unit 04: Bright Orange Future

Our money is broken. Learn why Bitcoin is the future of money and the key to a prosperous future. 

Unit 05: Key Concepts

We review key concepts from the beginning of the course. Hear Natalie's personal story about how she found Bitcoin.

Unit 06: Freedom Money

Buying Bitcoin as an investment is just the beginning. In this unit, you'll learn about taking possession of your Bitcoin so you can use it anywhere, anytime, without restrictions.

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